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Why Coffee is Important

The Importance of Coffee

Words cannot ‘espresso’ how much I love coffee. Way back when I was a child, coffee was a grown-up drink, the taste and health benefits of which I was too young and immature to appreciate. As a teen, coffee became more of a social event: I would go hang out with my friends in swanky coffee shops during the fall and winter. During the hot summer months, I oftentimes reached for a cold latte on my way to the park. It wasn’t until I got my first job that I started to really understand the importance of a good cup of brew. Nowadays, I enjoy an abundance of coffee in all of its many types and varieties. I find it fun to browse the aisles at my grocery store in search of new flavors and I love going to coffee shops to taste-test exotic beans from different continents. It’s fascinating how the same plant can taste so different solely based on where and how it’s grown. In the morning, I take my coffee black, so that the caffeine components in it can get to work and liven me up. After my evening meal, I get a bit fancy and make a more complicated drink by adding some whipped cream and coconut syrup.

Although I drink it mainly for the taste, the health benefits coffee offers are not to be ignored; a regular cup containing over three times the amount of antioxidants present in the same amount of celery juice. Making sure you consume enough antioxidants is essential to maintaining your body healthy and in great shape. Think of them as a complex spa treatment, but for the inside of your body. As we go about our daily life, stressors (such as breathing air polluted by smoke or car emissions) negatively impact our ability to heal and repair damaged tissue. This can lead to a bunch of health problems, from metabolic diseases to cancers. Fortunately, drinking just 1-2 cups of coffee a day ensures that we get the antioxidant boost we need to keep these illnesses at bay!

Espresso Machines

We’ve all been spending a lot more of our time at home, so having access to good coffee has been a bit more difficult. If you’re like me and you enjoy different assortments of coffee, buying an espresso maker will make your life a whole lot easier. Figuring out the difference between the many types of machines out there can seem a never-ending task at first. Luckily, Coffee On Point has your back. Their website is extremely informative: it lists out the pros and cons of each device in a clear, straightforward way. When I was researching the best coffee maker for my needs, they really sold me on going for a super-automatic espresso maker. I couldn’t be happier! I can brew the perfect espresso shot at the press of a button without the hassle of having to babysit the machine as it does its thing. The coffee always tastes amazing and it has allowed me to experiment more with the beverages I make. If you’re looking into buying your own brewing powerhouse, check out the automatic espresso machine reviews from CoffeOnPoint.com!