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How to care for sensitive skin (Men)

Sensitive skin is a common issue for both men and women. It is prone to irritation and reacts negatively to different conditions – such as sunlight, wind, or stress. Sensitive skin is difficult to care for because it can respond unpredictably to cosmetic products. For people struggling with sensitive skin, it takes time and a lot of tries to pinpoint exactly which ingredients cause irritation.

When we talk about sensitive skin, we tend to most often think about the skin on the face. That’s true that face is one of the most often affected areas and one that is the most visible. But sensitive skin can be found on different body parts. Here we will describe some of the most common issues with sensitive skin and how to remedy them.

Sensitive skin after shaving

Most shaving methods are very harsh on the sensitive skin of the face. Many men find that their skin is itchy and irritated or even breaks out in ugly red bumps right after shaving. And while not shaving at all would probably have the best effects, this is not always a socially-acceptable option. What you can do, however, is rethink the way you usually shave.

First, wash your face with warm water to soften the skin beforehand. Then, apply shaving cream but make sure that it is made without any harsh ingredients. Look for natural or hypoallergenic shaving creams. After that use a gentle aftershave to soothe the sensitive skin.

Sensitive armpits

Having sensitive skin on the armpits is most noticeable after applying deodorant. If you ever felt your armpits burn or itch after using deodorant products then you probably have sensitive skin there. The only remedy for that is using finding deodorant that doesn’t irritate skin.

Most deodorants, especially antiperspirant deodorants, contain harsh chemicals like alcohol or aluminum. These chemicals raise the effectiveness of the cosmetic but some people don’t tolerate them well. The first step to getting rid of the sensitive armpits problem should be using products that don’t contain these ingredients. Check here for the best aluminum free deodorant for men. Some natural deodorants can even have a soothing effect on your armpits because they moisturize the skin while masking body odor.

Sensitivity to sunlight

Sunscreen use is not limited only to being on the beach. If you have a tendency to getting sunburns or you generally notice your skin turns red after being outside consider adding sunscreen to your morning routine.

You can apply sunscreen to any part of your body that will be exposed to sunlight, including the face. Wearing sunscreen daily can be a gamechanger and solve many of your skin issues. If you’re worrying about having a sticky white cream on your face when you go out, don’t. Nowadays, modern sunscreens can have a very light formula that absorbs almost immediately.

If you have sensitive skin the most important thing to remember is not to use too many products at once, especially new products. Carefully patch test every cosmetic somewhere on your arm to make sure that your skin doesn’t break out. Having sensitive skin can be a lot of work but it is possible to manage it.