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How Does One Get a US Green Card?

The United States of America is a country of opportunity. People from every corner of the world wish to stay in this land but it is quite challenging for anyone to move the United States. As a result of their effort to shift this great country ends with the Permanent Resident card or the Green card. If you are one of them who look forward to getting the permanent resident in the United States then given below are certain steps that you need to follow in achieving your target.

Before explaining the tips on how to get the permanent resident or green card let’s discuss what is the green card and its major benefits. The permanent resident card or green card is a legal immigration of a person in this country. It is not only the legal path towards permanent residency in this country but also offeWidgetsrs several rights to the holders.

Some common responsibilities and rights available for the green card holders are The right to work and live in this country as like a permanent resident. The cardholder should follow all the laws provided by this country which includes local and state ordinances and laws. The youngsters in between 18-25 years old can apply for the country’s military services. The cardholder needs to pay income tax to the United States tax department. But for getting the voting rights the cardholders need to apply for the permanent citizenship in this country. Now let’s discuss how to get US green card.

Tips to follow for getting US green card:

As per USCIS (US Citizenship immigration services), there are four common methods that a non-resident individual can follow for getting the green card in the US. These four methods are discussed below one by one.

1. Through your job: As per USCIS, there are also four methods involved with the employment section which includes self-petition, a job offer, a specialized job or an investment. Mostly the employer-sponsored green card is issued as per the qualification of the applicant. Generally, workers must be highly skilled and got extraordinary qualifications and abilities. For getting proper information on accurate documentation and eligibility you can check online websites.

2. Through family member: For applying for a family-based green card you must be spouse or parent of the citizen, you must be the family member of the citizen who comes under the preference category, an unmarried child (below 21 pages) of the citizen or must be a special category member.

3. Through green card lottery: It is also one of the most common methods of getting a green card in the US. One immigrant can easily get the permanent resident card through the diversity immigrant visa program which is also called as the green card lottery. The applicant needs to file a petition and participate in the lottery program as per his/her visa availability and a priority system based on the immigrant category, application date, and motherland. But the immigrant must pass the related checks like criminal, health, security and many other concerns. Forgetting the card you must need clear eligibility criteria.

4. Through asylum or refugee status: The asylum seekers or refugees can also apply for the green card in the US. The people having refugee status can apply for the green card in this country. Once an individual got the granted certificate from an asylum for one year, he/ she can apply for the green card as well.

Conclusion: If you are residing in the US and still waiting for your green card then I am sure these above information’s will definitely help you. For more info, visit the official US Gov site.